In fact, I often meet people who say that when buy a watch, whether purchase a genuine or a replica? For this, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s your own mentality. The key point is to look at your personal financial ability to make a choice. I also don’t recommend you to buy genuine products, nor recommend you to choose a replica. Simply evaluate, the selection of a watch is like choosing a girlfriend, to find what you like, rather than looking for someone else’s favorite, so you should pay attention to how to match with it.

Speaking of authenticity and replication, the Internet is bragging about how the replicas look like the originals, anyway, you should remember one sentence, replicas are always replicas while the reals are always authentic, just like the following picture.

Take a replica green Submariner as an example, the outer circle color difference is at least 15 percent. You can distinguish the original and the fake at a glance.

If you just purchase one for playing, then please; if you are more specific and really love a certain watch, then advise you to save the province to buy a real one, after all, the majority of watches nowadays are still compare the value, such as Rolex and other famous brands, of course, you also have a certain economic ability, there is a good saying online, annual salary to buy a car, monthly salary to buy a watch.

When it comes to the economy, in fact, many people think that it is really expensive. Replica only needs one-tenth of the authenticity. It can do more important things for the money saved, it’s true. On the other hand, for example, I, the annual salary of tens of thousands, a boss with a monthly salary of tens of thousands, I saved a year to buy a Rolex, riding my little electric wear my Rolex, people will not believe that it is real, a boss went to a place wearing a replica, driving his BMW, everyone said it is true, I believe that everyone also has a deep understanding, so sometimes the mentality is still correct, remember, do your own thing, let others talk about it, if you want to be like a boss, then you can also buy a replica. 13. (Premise, if you are a boss, you must have a good car) After all, you have a house or a bank card. If you have money, you can’t wear the real estate license. To tell the truth, nowadays society, who is not realistic, appearance often needs some decoration.

To say so much, in fact, wearing a watch becomes a habit for me and many other watch lovers same as me. When you go out without wearing a watch for a day, you always feel that you will lose something. In fact, playing a watch is really a mentality problem. You don’t have to care so much detail, whether your watch is a replica or a real, you should play it according to their own abilities and mentality. Take the car as an instance, the appearance of the two cars is the same, the logo is not the same, of course, the heart will not be the same, the replica is the same as the authentic appearance, the logo is the same, in the same way, the movement will always be fake, in the same way, there will always be the difference.

Talk about buying a watch, should you buy a genuine, or buy a replica? In fact, it is a mentality problem. Remember, no matter what watch you wear, as long as you care for it and maintain it well, and often wash it with oil. It has been no problem to wear for decades.