What is the Western Union?
Western Union is the world’s leading fast remittance company, It does not necessarily require a bank account, and Less than $10,000 in business transactions no need to provide approval documents from foreign exchange regulators.

How long does Western Union remittance arrive?
Remittances can be received within 10 minutes, very fast and convenient.

Western Union remittance /withdrawal operation process
First, after the buyer and seller’s transaction is reached, they agree to use Western Union.
Before the buyer sends the Western Union remittance, the seller must provide accurate information to the buyer
Payee Country. Province, City, First name, Last Name, Detailed Address, Gender, and ID Number.

Second, the buyer goes to the local West Network point.
Fill in the remittance information form, Pay the remittance fee, and Present a valid ID.
Once the submission is complete, the bank will provide you with a Monitoring Number (MTCN), which is the verification code used to withdraw funds from the seller.

Third, then contact the payee and tell him/her the necessary information, such as:
Sender’s sender: First name, Last name,
Amount expected (excluding the exact amount of the handling fee),
Currency name: USD,
City, Country money sent from,
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN),
Test Question & Answer,
The focus is on the remittance monitoring number. Without this monitoring number, the payee cannot get the money.

Forth, after receiving the notice from the payer, the payee checks via the Internet or dials the Western Union Service Number to ask if the withdrawal can be made?
If you can, go to the Westlink to withdraw money as soon as possible, and you need to provide the required information.

Note: Cancellation of Western Union remittances usually only returns the principal, and the handling fee is difficult to return.

Western Union Remittance Limit
At present, the amount of a single foreign exchange receipt for Western Union dollar is up to 20,000 US dollars (inclusive).
The limit for a single foreign exchange receipt of the euro is up to 20,000 euros (inclusive).
A single amount limit for certain regions of the United States, up to $9,000 (inclusive).
In other countries, the maximum amount of a single amount can be up to $15,000 (not included).

Western Union official website online query outlets
1. Enter the official website of Western Union
2. Choose your country
3. Find Western Union agent outlets around the world to make remittances, purchase drafts, or pay bills

The Western Union remittance process is only applicable to Western Union’s Western Union remittance and withdrawal operations.
1. Enter the Western Union official website
2. Confirm the Western Union remittance information filled in
3. Optional credit card, debit card payment
4. or bank transfer payment method