cost-friendly designer watch for men

An essential part of a businessperson’s attire is the watch he or she chooses to wear. As a young professional, you may want to avoid overly pricey brands. Companies such as Citizen, Seiko, and Tissot make excellent watches that are simple, elegant, and also, affordable.

Choosing between Citizen, Seiko, and Tissot

The Citizen Axiom is a brilliant choice for both businessmen and businesswomen. It has a sleek design with a stainless steel band and case and a simple face. It is also solar powered so you’ll never need to replace the battery or wind it. At only $300.00 USD it is also very affordable.

Seiko Premier is another fantastic choice. This watch uses quartz movement so the battery will need to be replaced. It isn’t quite as simple in design as the Citizen Axiom but still has a classic look that will lend itself well to boardrooms and business meetings. At $425.00 USD it is also an excellent timepiece for its price.

Lastly, we have the Tissot Carson Premium. This watch has a sophisticated leather strap and an artful face. It looks a bit higher-end than the Axiom or the Premier but at only $295.00 USD it is the least expensive of the three.

Which Watch is the Best for Businesspersons?

Out of the Citizen Axiom, the Seiko Premier, and the Tissot Carson Premium, the Citizen Axiom is the best choice for businessmen and women around the age of 30. It is the most simple design of the three and so, can be worn in a variety of business settings from the most casual of golf outings to the most formal of boardrooms.

Which Replica Watch under $400.00 USD is the Best Choice?

For businesspersons around the age of 30, you don’t want to choose a replica that is modeled after something ultra well known such as a Rolex. You also don’t want to choose a replica modeled after a technical watch such as a Breitling. The best replica under $400 is a replica Omega Globemaster. Omega is considered just as prestigious as Rolex but perhaps doesn’t have the same brand recognition. For this reason, it makes for an excellent replica. It has a simple and sophisticated design that is well suited to the corporate world.

The Omega Constellation is an excellent replica choice for under $400.00 USD for businesswomen as well.